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Help Us Help Them- We Are All In This Together

Anguilla, British Caribbean


This website is endorsed by The Government of Anguilla

 Chief Minister The Honorable Victor Banks

Chief Minister
The Honorable Victor Banks


I would like to encourage my fellow Anguillians and others, to join us as we work towards a cohesive, harmonious society, based on respect, care, and reverence for fellow citizens.
— Carlson Conner, President, APANY

Advice to donors giving to charitable funds.

In the wake of a number of these devastating storms and hurricanes, so many people are reaching out to help.
Make sure when you are giving to a charity that you are giving to a reputable organization you can trust.

The Anguilla Progressive Association of New York, Inc. is a not for profit 501 © 3 Corporation
in the state of New York, USA serving the Anguillian Diaspora for over 21 years.

To learn more about APANY visit us at

We are working with official organizations like the Red Cross, Department of Disaster Management Anguilla
and the Government of Anguilla to ensure that all funds get to where they are needed the most  as quickly as possible.
There is no time to waste. Please donate now.

We will share our appreciation for your help via our social networks with the hashtags: 
#AnguillaStrong #AnguillaRecovery #APANYHelpsAnguilla

1) When can a charitable contribution deduction be taken?
 Any donation made to a qualified charity is deductible the year in which it was made.
The contribution is considered made when you put the check in the mail, or when
it's charged to your credit card (not when you pay the credit card company).
Make sure the donation is made by December 31st for the year in which you plan
to claim a deduction.

2) What charitable organizations are considered qualified?
Most charitable organizations qualify for tax-deductible donations, but not all.
Look for the 501(c)(3) designation to be absolutely sure.

Read more about charitable Organizations and tax deductible donations.

Your donations are truly appreciated, and we are grateful for your support.
Receipts available for tax purposes.

The Official Relief Fund Organization for the Restoration of Anguilla

Who Are We: The association is made up out of a group of first and second-generation, hardworking, and concerned Anguillians who have come together to form a not for profit 501 © 3 Corporation in the state of New York, USA. Formed in 1996 in response to the destructive Hurricane Luis, our organization remains dedicated to providing assistance for the educational, social, economic and cultural needs of Anguillians at home and abroad.

Header photo: Jamal Gumbs