Hurricane Irma -- the Most Powerful Atlantic Storm in History.
Anguilla and neighbor islands were ground zero in it's destructive path.


In the words of one of our friends of Anguilla "Irma strong, Anguilla stronger!"

Anguilla Progressive Association
of New York, Inc. (APANY)

The Official Relief Fund Organization for the Restoration of Anguilla


The aftermath

On September 6th, the eye of the hurricane made a direct hit on Anguilla with winds over 185 miles per hour. By the next day it became clear that Anguilla had been devastated by this monster storm. All power and communications were damaged, 90% of roads  blocked and the island's hospitals in dire condition. According to the island’s attorney general, as told to the Washington Post,  people might die without aid to restore hospitals and infrastructure.

Sadly the majority of Anguillians' homes have endured extensive storm damage and many are now even homeless.

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Take Action

Dear family and friends of Anguilla, our island is in a dire situation and desperately needs your help.
The Anguilla Progressive Association (APANY) is working closely with The Government of Anguilla, official agencies and charitable organizations to assist in the rebuilding of our beloved island. The destruction is vast and it will take significant resources and time to rebuild. Our mission is to help Anguilla recover, but we cannot achieve our goals alone.

Through your generous donations our brave Anguilla can return to her great beauty. Together we can make a difference.

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All island post-Irma photography provided by Vanessa Croft Thompson, Keiroy Brown
Header photo: Jamal Gumbs